any idea to spark siliocn valley engineers to pursue semantic web?

>From talking to engineers on SDForum's monthly events in the silicon valley,
a picture is emerged in my head: Most people don't know anything about
semantic web; and many people who knew or worked on semantic web before are
not working in this field anymore.  One may read this as a negative sign.
Others may see plenty of opportunities.  But, one thing is certain to me:
We need to raise the visibility of semantic web among engineers in the
silicon valley and connect the engineers to the semantic web experts around
the world.

Toward this end, I'm trying to get a semantic web SIG started under SDForum,
the biggest non-for-profit organization for software and web in the valley.
We are thinking to do an event in next January, aiming to generate some
excitement around semantic web for the engineers.  If you have any
suggestion as to what recent development, technical and business wise, may
spark engineers' inspiration, please share. Also, if you are interested to
meet with engineers when you visit silicon valley, please let me know. I'm
looking into ways to build human connections between the valley and all of

AJ Chen, PhD

Received on Monday, 9 October 2006 07:16:17 UTC