Re: FOAF: names with different scriptings

Ivan Herman wrote:
> Karl Dubost wrote:
> [snip]
>>> For me, the biggest unknown with RDF/FOAF naming, is how we deal with
>>> names that require markup (eg. Ruby annotion). And how badly needed  such
>>> markup is.
>> Isn't it an issue with RDF having difficulties with content in general?
> I think soo, too. Well, the only thing that you can do is to use an xml
> literal and put a span-like xml tag with a language attribute on it...
> and use the ruby, the ltr-rtl attributes if available, etc. It is not
> ideal, but the only thing I can think of at the moment.

And I don't think OWL DL likes properties that are sometimes plain
literals, and sometimes datatyped. Which suggests that many literal
valued properties (for names, but also eg. for RSS1 or DublinCore-style
content) will need to be shadowed by a markup-carrying equivalent. Not
pretty but I can't think what else we might do. Perhaps a bnode could be
used for the content, and then a more generic 'markup' property could
relate that to the XML Literal?


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