ref'ing data from metadata in same doc

It may be partly due to last night's wine, but I've got myself
confused over a point I've not really considered before. It's another
angle on representation vs. description, as described around URIQA
etc. I was hoping someone might help clarify.

Say you have an RDF doc on the web. To talk about the resource the doc
represents you can use rdf:about="". But what if the representation
has both data (representation of the resource) and metadata
(description of the resource) parts:

( (data)  (metadata rdf:about="") )

The concrete example I've run up against relates to FLAC, the Free
Lossless Audio Codec [1]. (The format already has a bunch of fairly
preset metadata blocks, I've suggested they allocate one for RDF). If
you do a GET for type "audio/x-flac", you'll get the whole thing. The
metadata implicitly will also be about itself - is that sane? Might
rdf:about="#" be a workaround..?

For this particular case the issue is probably
sweep-under-the-carpetable. (Hmm, anyone happen to know how it's done
in Adobe's XMP?) But where I'm getting puzzled is where the RDF is
deeply embedded, for example with eRDF or RDFa. Is the embedded data
generally about the doc, or should it be considered an alternate
representation of the doc?


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