Re: N3 and tools availability?

On 3/30/06, Dave Reynolds <> wrote:
> Patrick Petit wrote:

Hi Patrick,

> > I have read the N3 tutorial track with interest, especially the Rules
> > and Formulae <> section.
> > Now, can I run N3 rules in something else than cwm? I am interested in
> > finding similar functionality in a Java framework like Jena, where
> > variables inside rules could be retrieved by program as a result of say,
> > the reading of a telemetry sensor.

You probably noticed this already, but just for the record: many RDF
toolkits support reading/writing the Turtle [1] subset of N3, the
parts needed to describe RDF graphs.

Many tools also support the SPARQL Query Language and RDF Protocol
[2], which uses N3/Turtle-like syntax for graph patterns. Though not
rules per se, it's CONSTRUCT [3] enables a bit of similar




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