Re: Interpretation of RDF reification

On Thu, Mar 23, 2006 at 10:14:27 -1000, Seth Ladd wrote:
> Thanks for the very informative post, Dan.
> > My preference is simply to never use the W3C RDF reification vocab, and
> > to
> > use other mechanisms for keeping track of 'who said what'....
> Do you have any pointers to what some of these other mechanisms might
> be?  I can think of N3's ability to quote a graph, though I'm not sure
> if that's a formal construct.

SPARQL distinguishes triples from different documents using the GRAPH
keyword, though the identification and relationship between .rdf files and
graphs is somewhat up to the store, the person who imported the data and
the query preamble.

eg. SELECT ?g
    WHERE { GRAPH ?g { :alice :marriedTo :bob } }

- Steve

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