Re: Interpretation of RDF reification

From: "McBride, Brian" <>
Subject: RE: Interpretation of RDF reification
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2006 13:47:17 -0000


> At this point I should cease to tax your patience and go read a book on
> logic if I really want to understand the answer.
> Brian

Well, perhaps linguistics is a better area to bring forward this sort of
idea.   For example, English and German are both written using the same 26
letters and punctuation marks.  (Yes, yes, German does have accents, but,
as far as I know, you can write German without them.)  This does *not*
mean, however, that all strings mean the same thing in English and German,
even though some strings do mean the same thing in English and German.

Perhaps a better analogy would be between current speakers of English and
speakers of English about 100 years ago.  Certain English sentences had
meaning 100 years ago and still retain that meaning, but have a stronger
meaning now.  (Does anyone have any really good examples of such sentences,
by the way?)


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