Open Research Society: Contribute to a vision

Dear all,
Allow me to share with you the latest news on the Open Research Society.
We applied for the legal recognition as an International Non Government
Organization. We plan for a great launch event in the autumn of 2006
that will be announced shortly. Thirty national local chapters are in
the process of formation and will be also announced shortly.


- A community with virtues and vision for a better world based on
knowledge and learning for all

- Initiatives Worldwide aiming to disseminate knowledge to people in
need, poor people and everyone who wants to learn..

- A Virtual Open Free University for All

- 100s scholar journals and magazines open and free for all,
disseminating knowledge

- A "Village of Knowledge" where people from all over the word
collaborative develop deliverables for the Knowledge Society...

- An Exhibition centre (both physical and virtual) of New Learning and
Knowledge Technologies for Education, Science. Culture, Health,

- A multi-fold knowledge dissemination initiative of R&D funded research

[Please add to this list.. Contribute to a mutual vision...]

Imagine...  a WORLD that we DESERVE...

An International Non Government Organization (in the process of legal

We do believe in Humanity!!!

Drop me a mail. 

Best Regards

Dr. Miltiadis Lytras

PS: Please accept my apology if this sounds promotional. Currently over
2500 people from all over the world support our initiative.

Received on Wednesday, 22 March 2006 07:16:59 UTC