RDFSync 0.1

RDFSync 0.1


Remote RDF model synchronization is a procedure by which one efficiently 
updates a local model based on a remote one. By updating one can mean 
"make identical to the remote" (classic RSync) but in this case it might 
mean "patch" with information from a remote model not present in the 
current one.

Classic procedures such as RSync cannot be applied to RDF models since 
they usually serialize nondeterministically. Even if a deterministic 
serialization algorithm such as is used (Such as J. Carrol's canonical 
serialization of RDF Graphs) , the performance of classic RSync remain 
poor, as minimal modifications in the model might cause completely 
different canonical serializations.

RDFSync is an efficient RDF Synchronization algorithm based on the 
canonical serialization of a Minimum Self Contained graph decomposition 
of remote RDF models. For further details, experimental results and demo 
code please visit:


as highlighted in the short paper, some issues do remain. Looking 
forward for direct feedbacks from those interested.

Giovanni Tummarello
also on behalf of Christian Morbidoni and others at Semedia - 

Received on Tuesday, 21 March 2006 22:53:32 UTC