Re: Provenance as a first-class citizen

<<On Tue, 21 Mar 2006 10:32:15 -0500, Frank Manola <> said:

> Hear! hear!  It seems to me that quads are mainly an implementation 
> mechanism, and there's a need to agree on the details of "for what?" and 
> "how?" they will be used.

The argument that I've made, perhaps insufficiently clearly, is that
every statement ought to have a name (preferably assigned in such a
way that the publisher of the statement doesn't need to generate it
herself).  Given that, I can then write statements about the
statements you have published, even if you didn't use explicitly reify
them yourself.

It might be useful for this name to have some well-defined
relationship to the URI where the statement was found, but this
is not strictly necessary: if every statement has a name, then an RDF
processor can manufacture triples "<name> readFrom <uri>" iff the
application requires.


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