Re: Re[2]: [] or <> as root ?

> Merging  nodes  is  domain-specific.  In FOAF, two entities having the
> same  email-adress or an equivalent hash can be merged. This obviously
> works  only  for  things that have an email address. For news stories,
> one needs a clear concept of what is 'one news story'. Updating a news
> story could be seen as another, related story or as new content of the
> existing story.

It might be safer to say that merging nodes is ontology specific.  For
instance, FOAF *defines* that foaf:mbox_sha1sum is an
InverseFunctionalProperty (granted, only in the OWL Full sense). 
Never the less, the semantics that would result in an owl:sameAs can
be declared inside the ontology.  So maybe one way to pursue this
would be to see if it's possible to write some OWL that would allow a
reasoner to determine that two stories, even though they are
identified with bnodes, are owl:sameAs.


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