RE: RDF/XML does not support numeric terms

On 10 March, Ian wrote:

> On 10/03/2006 13:54, Misha Wolf wrote:
> > I'm referring to terms in taxonomies, not to numbers per se.  In 
> > the News world, there are a number of vast taxonomies utilising 
> > numeric codes.  
> If I understand correctly I believe you have two requirements. The 
> first is to map each of those numeric codes to URIs


> The second is to use the numeric codes as element names in RDF/XML.

We do not have such a requirement.  The requirement we have is to be 
able to express, eg:

  One of the subjects of this News story is represented by URI-1

  One of the genres of this News story is represented by URI-2

  One of the creators of this News story is represented by URI-3

  One of the Descriptions of this News story has the role 
  represented by URI-4

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