Re: this product seems to do most of what people talk about

adasal wrote:
> Hi Holger,
> You seem to have said something like :-
>     van aalst et the aluminium team enabled wfms you already read,
>     or?  in newer PAPERS (workflow resource patterns) colaboration
>     also briefly addressed... 
> I'm laughing at Google ;)
> So the key thing is van aaist and if I have read anything by this 
> author and his collaborators. No I haven't but thanks for the 
> suggestion. I am VERY curious as to how this links in with workflow 
> patterns, is this connected with WSMO?
> You made quite a claim in your original post, do you still stand by it?
> Best,
> Adam
uups, this message was directed at one of my students. i must have mixed 
up the reciepients...

sorry for the confusion, completely different context.


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