"What is RDF?" xml.com article updated

In case anyone missed it on PlanetRDF, the "What is RDF?" article on
xml.com has been rewritten (by me) to present a modern view of what RDF
is and where it can be used.  (That's modern compared to 2001, when the
article was last updated.)


To entice you, I'll quote myself:  :)

  The current web is a decentralized platform for distributed
  /presentations/, while the SemWeb is a decentralized platform for
  distributed /knowledge/. Resource Description Framework (RDF) is
  the W3C standard for encoding knowledge.

I've also incorporated some of that material into the more wordy intro
on rdfabout.com, so this too is updated:


And, btw, I'm open to any contributions of content for
rdfabout.com.  I think it would be nice to collect
introductions/tutorials/etc. about RDF's cousins in one place (RDFS,
OWL, SPARQL, tag:, etc.).  It's hard to blame the rest of the world for
not embracing RDF if there's no main place to go to learn about it...

- Joshua Tauberer


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