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Re: IPTC starts testing the News Revolution

From: Daniel Harris <daniel@kendra.org.uk>
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2006 16:20:38 +0000
Message-ID: <43C3DED6.20103@kendra.org.uk>
CC: semantic-web@w3.org

Hi William,

Yes, we do need to stop these top down approaches to enabling understanding. Yes, we do 
need to increase dynamic, flat and egalitarian ways of enabling understanding.

However, it is down to us to bring about this flat world. We are the people that know it 
can be brought about. It is up to us to educate the people stuck in the old world. It is 
up to us to prototype and demonstrate our proposed new world. If we can't do that then 
we are the ones who are at fault.

It is also critical that we are friendly if we want to bring people forward to our flat 
world. We need to put a stop to fragmentisation. So, that means no anger. That means 
being friendly and patient and containing our frustration. That means no 'evil' and no 
'enemy'. The choice is ours - depending on what kind of world we want, of course.

So, let's get busy and show 'em how it's gonna be done! ;-)

Cheers Daniel

On 10 01 2006 15:45, William Loughborough wrote:
 > Just what we need, yet another "consortium" of those in hierarchies that
 > represent the problem rather than the solution. A "single generic model"
 > and "major news agencies" are ideas that seem more like our enemy than a
 > worthwhile goal.
 > This is exactly why "hierarchies/ontologies/'major'" are evil.
 > Love.
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