Re: microformats and semantic web?


The main idea is roughly tweaking/adding bits of markup to make
information people are already publishing as (X)HTML more
machine-readable, e.g. for events, reviews, etc.

The connection with the Semantic Web should be clear from this 2000
mail from Dan Connolly [1]:
I believe that one of the best ways to transition into RDF, if not a
long-term deployment strategy for RDF, is to manage the information in
human-consumable form (XHTML) annotated with just enough info to
extract the RDF statements that the human info is intended to convey.
In other words: using a relational database or some sort of native RDF
data store, and spitting out HTML dynamically, is a lot of
infrastructure to operate and probably not worth it for lots of
interesting cases. We all know that we have to produce a
human-readable version of the thing... why not use that as the primary

The microformats approach is to definine specific domain
models/(micro)formats in line with good practices, there's no attempt
at a general data language above XHTML (check Embedded RDF [2] for

The microformats folks do advocate the use of metadata profiles, so in
principle at least the data should be available as RDF using GRDDL
[3]. Worst-case, it's a darn sight more deterministic than scraping

On 1/5/06, Dorai Thodla <> wrote:


Thanks Dorai, this is basically me trying to accumulate
SemWeb-friendly schemas/models/XSLT corresponding to microformats,
StructuredBlogging and other format-oriented initiatives.




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