Re: Is there real world RDF-S/OWL instance data?

See also, which I created in an attempt to list such data
myself. I stopped looking for data in April of last year, when a half hour
of looking each day for new data would only turn up data from students'
old homework assignments. I'm sure there's more data since then, but I'm
also pretty sure that the growth of ontologies and RDF Schemas has
continued at a much faster pace than the growth of instance data. (Imagine
in the early days of XML if nearly everyone devoted their energy to
writing DTDs and only a tiny minority created actual documents. Where
would XML be today?)

Metadata for metadata's sake can be useful, but the percentage of people
who define metadata as "data about data" and then have no data for their
metadata to be about is frustratingly high.


On Thu, July 20, 2006 2:49 pm, Sören Auer wrote:
> Dear All,
> As an argument to stress the importance of the Semantic Web and as
example data to evaluate tools it would be nice to have a library of
real world RDF-S/OWL instance data available. My impression is, that
there are many schemas around, but it's harder to find real life
instance data. This might be due to copyright issues or the fact, that
the borderline between classes/schema and instances/data is not always
clearly marked and some projects rather use a representation as classes
than a representation as instance data.
> So, if you know of RDF-S/OWL instance data which is publicly available
and shows an interesting application please let us know. I'm especially,
interested in the impact of its usage. ;-)
> The following is interesting Semantic Web data I know of:
> * Wordnet - a lexical database for the English language [1]
> * UNSPSC (Universal Standard Products and Services Classification)
representation as classes [2]
> * Wikipedia in RDF [3]
> * Open Directory DMOZ in RDF [4]
> * Open Bio-Medical Ontologies in OWL (rep. as classes) [5]
> * FOAF - Friend of a Friend (many small instances available on the Web) [6]
> I will summarize all statements and post it to the list again and maybe
create some wikipage for persistent reference.
> --Sören
> [1] [2]
> [3]
> [4]
> [5]
> [6]

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