Re: XSLT and XPath-like functions in RDF/OWL ?

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Hans Teijgeler wrote:
> Hi,

> I thank Damian, Ian, Emmanuel, and David for their responses!

No problem.

> It is good to have standards, but not too many, please! 

But that's the great thing about standards :-) Of course none of these
suggestions are standards.

> I need XSLT-like functionality for two reasons:
> -         for mapping data of any application (say a 3D plant design
> system), that conforms a system-specific XML schema, to an RDF/XML file that
> conforms with a particular OWL ontology (so it's deterministic);

XSLT or XQuery should do the trick. What I suspect you want is something
to generate that transform from a mapping between the xml and owl
schemas, which others may be able to help you with (there has been
research in that area). However simply writing a direct transformation
is usually easy.

> -         for HTML-based presention (on screen or on paper) of information,
> stored in a triple store, in conformance with an OWL ontology for document
> types
> I need XPath-like functionality to be able to fetch a particular literal
> related with a particular object, where that literal is hidden somewhere
> deep in the triple clouds around that object, as stored in a triple store.

I'd suggest SPARQL query -> xml result format -> xslt/xquery -> html.

Every step the product of standarisation process.

> I am transferring from the world of XML Schema to the OWL world because the
> latter fits better with our data modelling requirements, but I start to miss
> all the standard goodies like XSLT, XPath, XQuery, etc. But perhaps I am
> dead wrong, and all of this can be used in the RDF/OWL environment as well
> (because RDF/XML is a kind of XML?).

I know what you mean. Currently I think the best approaches are as follows:

1) XML -> RDF: XSLT or XQuery to RDF/XML (although I've also gone to n3)
2) RDF -> RDF: Rules language, eg n3, jena rules, swrl. Stay out of xml
3) RDF -> XML: SPARQL -> xml results -> xslt/xquery -> xml.

2 isn't standardised, but they're pretty similar. swrl might suit you,
since you're using owl.

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