Re: Annotea shared/social bookmarks

* Marja Koivunen <marja at> [2005/11/30 15:22]:
> > personally, I have the impression that is *the*
> > social bookmark system.
> From Annotea social bookmarks perspective could be 
> just one Annotea bookmark server.

Tangentially related to Annotea +, I've just written (but
not yet written *about*) an XSL stylesheet that takes your
bookmarks and converts them to RDF, using the Annotea and Bookmark[0]
schemas.  It's just a .xsl file right now; you should use it like so:

  $ wget -O bookmarks.xml
  $ wget 
  $ xsltproc del2bm.xsl bookmarks.xml > bookmarks.rdf

There's not too much Annotea in there, because, as Marja points out, doesn't store much metadata.  Hopefully this will be useful
to someone.  Comments and improvements are welcome, of course.  It's
only step one of a larger project for me, so I haven't done any
documenting yet.



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