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>Hi Marja,
>  personally, I have the impression that is *the*
>  social bookmark system.
 From Annotea social bookmarks perspective could be 
just one Annotea bookmark server. It does not currently use Annotea 
bookmark or topic objects that gather information about the bookmark 
title, the bookmarked document (URI), the author, the time, the 
description, the topics etc. together, but it very well could.

Annotea makes it easy to merge bookmarks and topics from different 
sources. With Annotea users can store bookmarks many servers according 
to their preferences or to specific servers in certain domains. They can 
also store bookmarks to (RDF) files and publish them to any http:// or 
ftp:// server.

Being able to publish bookmarks to different servers or files lets users 
control what they want to share and with which groups and services if 
they use the files as profiles with the services.

Annotea users can make connections from their topics to other people's 
topics or concepts in standard ontologies and find documents that they 
maybe never thought were related because they used different 
vocabularies or they were not friends of the friends of the important 

Using Annotea also allows groups to add new information to the bookmark 
and topic objects if they so wish and develop different viewers to the 

There could be search engines and harvesters that collect the public 
bookmark and topic info or use some bookmark repositories to organize 
the search results to help better match what the user is looking for.

There is a lot more.

I never thought we wanted just one central *the* social bookmarking system.


>Monday, November 28, 2005, 5:16:45 PM, hast Du geschrieben:
>MK> 1) Does anyone know good papers that compare what we do in Annotea 
>MK> shared bookmarks and topics and the social bookmarks and folksonomies? I
>MK> did not find them easily but I did not put too much effort on that either.
>MK> Annotea [] shared
>MK> or social bookmarks were presented first at KCAP2001 as a scenario 
>MK> [] and then at
>MK> WWW2002 developers day as a first simple demo 
>MK> []. Amaya has the first 
>MK> implementation 
>MK> [] but the 
>MK> main work is currently done in Annotea Ubimarks 
>MK> [], a plugin for Mozilla.
>MK> A bookmark file of  the projects 
>MK>  I had in Annotea
>MK> projects page They differ
>MK> a bit as I had some update problems with CVS. But you can hopefully see
>MK> the idea.

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