Re: 'HTTP Cookbook' editor's draft

You seem to assume that data retrieved via HTTP cannot be for machine
consumption, which is clearly not the case.  HTTP & http URIs provide a
minimal-cost means for exchanging data over the Internet/Web, independent of
how the data might be used.


On 11/22/05, nabonita Guha <> wrote:
> Dear SIr,
> I read your posting in W3C Semantic Web mailing list. I went through the
> document you edited called 'Configuring Apache HTTP Server for RDFS/OWL
> Ontologies Cookbook'. The only thing I want to know after reading the
> documentation is that what are the possible uses of retrieving a RDF/OWL
> ontology through apache HTTP protocol, when we know ontologies are for
> machine consumption.
> Thanks & regards

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