Drop .doc Re: Abstract of Prof. Amit Sheth, KeyNote Speech at MTSR 2005

Dear all,

I expect a certain amount of blatant commercialism on this list - it is  
actually useful to know what is going on in the world beyond our own  
immediate circles.

But please respect the W3C's policy on attachments to mailing lists and  
don't send .doc files, powerpoint, and the like.

2. If an attachment is necessary, avoid formats that are virus prone,  
proprietary or platform dependent.  For example, whenever possible you  
should use HTML instead of MS Word, PowerPoint or PDF.  (Ideally, use  
3. If you must use a proprietary or platform-dependent format, please also  
include an alternate version in  a universally readable format, such as  
HTML or plain text, if possible. If you cannot, then at least include a  
format that has widely available free viewers, if possible.
]]] http://www.w3.org/2002/03/email_attachment_formats.html

I fail to see any case where someone *must* use a format like ".doc"  
unless they are discussing that format and need to provide an example...



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