ANN: 3store v3.0.12

Available from

Demo online at, contains
airports.rdf, eg.*

This is a beta release of 3store version 3. It breaks database compatability
with 3store version 2, but both versions can coexist on one machine. It is
known to work on various flavours of Linux, and Mac OS X.

This version is relatively stable, and is supported. There have been many
performance and stability improvements since the previous release.

The query language implemententation is fairly compete, and theres is sound
but not complete RDFS infererence support.

The major improvement in this version is SPARQL query processing.

Known bugs/ommisions:
   * Nested OPTIONAL blocks (results are undefined)
   * Nested UNION blocks    (results are undefined)
   * FROM and FROM NAMED    (not implemented yet)
   * Case sensitive regex matches not supported
                            (run without case sensitivity for now)

Documentation for the command line tools is available from or as man pages.

See the README for more information.

TODO list:
   * Back compatibility with v2 XML results format
   * FROM (NAMED) support
   * More efficient protocol implementation (apache module or similar)
   * SOAP support
   * API bindings for languages other than C
   * API documentation

   * Rasqal 0.9.11    These currently have to be got from redland CVS, but
   * Raptor 1.4.8     hopefully there should be tarballs in the near future
   * Glib   2.2.0+
   * MySQL  4.1+

Received on Thursday, 17 November 2005 12:08:07 UTC