Call for Papers: Symposium on Adaptation and Learning on the Web


Symposium on Adaptation and Learning on the Web
3rd to 4th April 2006
University of Bristol, Bristol, UK

Learning can be seen as the key technology to adapt systems to new 
situations. The current Web is mainly custom-made by humans and, 
similarly, adaptations are also often made by hand. By contrast, through 
upcoming technologies like Semantic Web, Semantic Grid and Semantic Web 
Services, the Web is becoming more machine understandable, enabling more 
knowledge to be included and integrated through learning algorithms. New 
techniques which automatically push new content into the Web and adapt 
to new situations are required and are currently being developed in 
areas like ontology learning. On the current Web adaptation takes place 
implicitly in, for example, personalised Amazon pages, Page Rank 
calculations in the Google search engine, voting in online news sites 
like Slashdot, buyer-seller dynamics in an eBay online auction or, 
attack and counter measure between viruses and browser software. 
However, in the case of biologically inspired algorithms adaptation is 
explicit, with techniques such as artificial immune systems and neural 
networks now being applied to adaptive settings like recommender systems 
and Web security.

This symposium will explore whether learning and Semantic Web 
technologies might be usefully combined with ideas from biological 
systems so that a future Web would be able to automatically adapt to new 
situations and be as flexible as possible. To achieve this the symposium 
aims to bring together researchers, from disciplines such as machine 
learning, data mining, information extraction, computational 
linguistics, statistics and biologically inspired backgrounds, who share 
a common interest in how adaptation and learning, in various forms, may 
be used in a future Web, Semantic Web, GRID and Web Services.

The symposium on Adaptation and Learning on the Web will take place as 
part of:
     AISB'06: Adaptation in Artificial and Biological Systems
     April 3rd-6th 2006, University of Bristol, Bristol, UK


Research spanning the numerous fields that make up the intersection 
between AI and the Web is, by its very nature, highly multidisciplinary. 
This symposium will offer a chance for a number of currently disjoint 
communities to begin to develop a common vocabulary - the first step 
towards sharing ideas and disseminating work across subject boundaries.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

     * Semantic Web, Semantic Grid and Web Services
     * Biologically inspired systems
     * Ontology learning, extraction and evolution
     * Semantic integration, co-ordination and matching
     * Artifcial immumity on the Web
     * Personalisation and profiling on the Web
     * Adaptive search and information retrieval
     * Desktop search and the Personal Semantic Web
     * Augmented memory, user interest and focus
     * Security, trust and privacy
     * Social network mining
     * Collabative filtering, annotation and extraction
     * Recommender systems

We also encourage submissions which relate research results from other 
areas (e.g. data mining, information retrieval, knowledge 
representation, computational linguistics, inductive logic programming) 
to the symposium topics.

Please do not hesitate to contact either of the organisers for further 

In keeping with the open spirit of AISB, you may submit EITHER a full 
paper (max 6000 words) that showcases your work *OR* a two page summary 
paper (extended abstract) of more speculative ideas, ongoing work or 
issues for discussion. Poster submissions are also welcome in addition 
to or as an alternative to a paper. All submissions will be 
peer-reviewed by the programme committee, and those accepted will appear 
in the workshop proceedings and in the published conference volume.

Papers should be submitted as PDF files to by 
13th January 2006. Formatting instructions will be available from the 
symposium website shortly.


Andreas Hotho, Universitšt Kassel, Germany

Simon Price, University of Bristol, UK

Download full contact details of the organisers as a vCard file:


- Dave Beckett, Yahoo, USA
- Dan Brickley, W3C Semantic Web Interest Group, Bristol, UK
- Steve Cayzer, HP Labs, UK
- Peter Flach, University of Bristol, UK
- Andreas Hotho (chair), Universitšt Kassel, Germany
- Francesca A. Lisi, Universita' di Bari, Italy
- Libby Miller, Asemantics, Netherlands
- Simon Price, University of Bristol, UK
- York Sure, Universitšt Karlsruhe, Germany

Download a Semantic Web description of the symposium, organisers and 
committee as an RDF file:


Submission of papers by: 3rd February 2006
Notification of decision: 27th February 2006
Camera ready copies by: 13th March 2006

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