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M-OntoMat-Annotizer tool publicly available

From: Kosmas Petridis <kosmas@iti.gr>
Date: Thu, 19 May 2005 14:44:58 +0300
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A tool for semantic annotation of images and videos
       for multimedia analysis and retrieval

                   Version 0.52                   
                  May 18th, 2005
      (C) 2005, aceMedia project, FP6-001765       

We are glad to announce that the first public version of 
M-OntoMat-Annotizer, is available through the aceMedia project site: 

M-OntoMat-Annotizer (M stands for Multimedia) is a user-friendly tool 
developed inside aceMedia. It allows the semantic annotation of images 
and videos for multimedia analysis and retrieval, supporting the 
initialization and linking of RDF(S) domain ontologies with low-level 
MPEG-7 visual descriptors.

It is an extension of the CREAM (CREAting Metadata for the Semantic Web) 
framework and its reference implementation, OntoMat-Annotizer.

For more information visit the M-OntoMat-Annotizer homepage: 

If you have any questions or general comments concerning 
M-OntoMat-Annotizer, please don't hesitate to contact us.

With kind regards,

Kosmas Petridis

Kosmas Petridis
Senior Software Engineer
Informatics and Telematics Institute
Centre for Research and Technology Hellas
1st Km Thermi-Panorama Road
P.O. Box 361, 57001 Thermi-Thessaloniki, Greece
Tel: +30 2310 464160 (ext. 115), Fax: +30 2310 464164
email: kosmas@iti.gr
url: http://www.iti.gr/~kosmas
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