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Ivor --

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...could anyone suggest how I might approach the inferencing/querying 
engine side of things?

The examples

illustrate a hopefully useful approach.

Some general thoughts behind the approach are in

Hope this helps.

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>Dear all,
>Am I correct in saying that there aren't any ontology tools that support
>processes, in the sense of providing a visual display of tasks within a
>project (as in a Gantt chart)?
>The idea being that not only inputs (e.g. available resources or people)
>into a project may vary, but also other factors (e.g. requirements) and
>this will reflect the chart.  If one was to implement this, could anyone
>suggest how I might approach the inferencing/querying engine side of
>Process ontologies seem to be related to web services.  Is there a
>particular reason for this or is it simply that sequencing is an
>important aspect of connecting to multiple web services?
>Finally, I have found process.owl, is this a defintive file and/or does
>anyone know of any supplementary ontologies?
>Best wishes
>Ivor Tillier

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