Re: Media Enclosures and RSS 1.0 / RSS 1.1

Hi Danny,

Thank you very much for your answer.

Le 05-07-21 à 18:40, Danny Ayers a écrit :
> mod_enclosure [1] starts with:
> <enc:enclosure rdf:resource=""
> enc:type="audio/mpeg" enc:length="65535"/>
> Supporting it in apps isn't a problem either. But very few of the
> developers in the field see any reason for doing anything other than
> the de facto standard (*cough*) :
> <enclosure url="" length="65535" type="audio/ 
> mpeg" />
> So I think we're probably stuck with it for another year or two yet.

I wonder if a transition strategy or a more complete specification  
would help.

> But it's not all bad news, I think 'simple' RSS in the wild has been
> getting progressively cleaner. I imagine the desire for people to get
> their material on iTunes and to aggregate Yahoo! Media RSS will act as
> fairly powerful validation processes for RSS+Media XML. If the XML is
> half-decent, RDF is but a stylesheet away.

Yes indeed.

> Atom (now effectively finished at 1.0 [2]) may not be RDF/XML, but it
> does have significantly better coverage of the foundation layers of
> the cake (URIs, XML, xmlns, Unicode, trifle sponge...) and a
> semi-constrained extension mechanism that may help with RDF mapping.
> What will happen with Atom + media is anyone's guess, but now would be
> the time to influence things.

Yes the extension mechanism is defined in Atom, which is really good  

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