Review of MHK open actions

Here's a review of the open actions assigned to me:
QT4CG-052-06: MK to consider the editorial question of “promotion” for the symmetric relations.
The coercion rules no longer use the concept of "promotion"; instead there is a concept of "implicit casting".

I have raised issue #944 to discuss mutual conversion between numeric types.

The concept of "promotion" is now used only for handling binary operators such as "+" and "eq", where I think we have to live with the current rules for compatibility reasons.

Action complete.

[ ] QT4CG-055-01: MK to clarify that the return type of the deep lookup operator is a flat sequence.
I believe that the revison of deep lookup in PR #927 achieves this.
[ ] QT4CG-056-04: MK to write a proposal for adding a select attribute to xsl:text
No progress.
[ ] QT4CG-058-01: MK to clarify in fn:numeric-compare that -0 and +0 are equal.
fn:numeric-compare is folded into fn:compare by PR #941, and the new text includes this clarification. Action complete.
[ ] QT4CG-058-02: MK to consider providing more advice about the pitfalls of mixing decimal and double when sorting
No progress.
[ ] QT4CG-060-02: MK to sketch out a proposal with subsequence and subsequence-where.
I have raised PR #940 to introduce fn:subsequence-where with three arguments, input, from and to, replacing the previous proposal PR #874 to overaload fn:subsequence with additional arguments. Action complete.
[ ] QT4CG-060-03: MK to review PR and if there are no concerns, merge it without discussion next weeks
The PR in question is PR #737 (recursive record types). I'm working on this today.

Michael Kay

Received on Friday, 12 January 2024 11:37:47 UTC