Re: Want to produce for the first time a PR for a Spec - where to find description of the XML-schema of a Spec and about the whole process?

The basic schema (in the form of a DTD) is found in qtspecs/schema/xmlspec.dtd, which is further customised by qtspecs/schema/xsl-query.dtd. There are comments in these DTDs to help explain their usage, but frankly, I wouldn't want to rely entirely on the comments; it's much easier to find examples of what you want to do in the actual instance documents, and learn by example. 

There are some more specialised formats with their own schemas, for example grammar.dtd for the BNF grammar (XPath/XQuery plus XSLT patterns), and fos.xsd for the function catalog.

The files you will want to edit are typically found in qtspecs/specifications/SPECNAME/src/*.xml. For some of the specs the text is split into multiple files; if you have difficulty finding the file containing the text you want to edit, then a directory search can be useful.

I think most of the process documentation has been deleted because it was hopelessly out of date.

There's no documentation specific to git, it is assumed that users are familiar with git working methods.

To build the specs, simply type "gradle". That builds the whole thing, I don't ever attempt any more specific build targets. The built specs will appear in  qtspecs/build/www.

If you have specific questions, don't be afraid to ask. Start with something fairly small so we can put you on the right path if you go astray.

Michael Kay

> On 28 Sep 2023, at 16:55, Dimitre Novatchev <> wrote:
> I have never before produced a PR for a Spec document and need guidance/resources about the files that are involved and their xml-schema/semantics.
> Can someone, please, help?
> Thanks,
> Dimitre

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