[ANN] Saxon-JS 0.9.1 beta release

We've just issued a new beta release of Saxon-JS that includes as well as an XSLT 3.0 run-time, a full XPath 3.1 implementation including both static and dynamic phases running in the browser. For the moment the XPath 3.1 engine is only available via xsl:evaluate, but a Javascript API is under development.

On the XSLT side we're supporting pretty-well everything in XSLT 3.0 except schema-awareness, streaming, higher-order functions, and serialization. The compile-time part of the XSLT product is the same code as the server-side Saxon-Java product, the run-time part is entirely new.

For XPath 3.1 we've now got both the parser and the run-time running in the browser, which makes it a completely separate implementation from the Saxon Java product. We've run the QT3 tests on it and it's delivering pretty good results, though there are limitations some of which will probably remain:

* regular expressions not 100% conformant (e.g. the "i" flag follows the Javascript rules rather than the XPath rules)

* xs:float delivers results that are more precise than they should be (but only conformance geeks will care...)

* limitations imposed by the XML parsers in the browser, e.g. no DTD support, therefore no id().

* collection() always returns an empty sequence, which is conformant, but doesn't pass the tests.

XPath access is available to both XML DOM and HTML DOM trees, and the XSLT engine can output both XML and HTML trees. We have had to make our own decisions on how to map the HTML DOM to the XDM data model, e.g. namespace handling and case blindness.

Michael Kay

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> Date: 9 December 2016 17:10:47 GMT
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> We're delighted to announce the latest public beta release of Saxon-JS
> 0.9.1. Details here:
> http://www.saxonica.com/saxon-js/index.xml
> Saxon-JS allows execution of XSLT 3.0 stylesheets in the browser. This
> release works on Internet Explorer and Edge, as well as Safari, Firefox
> and Chrome.
> Saxon-JS is a run-time only product; you first need to compile the
> stylesheet to produce an SEF ("stylesheet export file") using Saxon-EE
> ( or later for all features in Saxon-JS 0.9.1).
> The product documentation at
> http://www.saxonica.com/saxon-js/documentation/index.html  is itself a
> Saxon-JS application. See the Change History section for details on new
> features in this release.
> For a list of bug fixes in this release, see the Saxon-JS project at
> https://saxonica.plan.io/projects/saxon-js. We also welcome your
> feedback here.
> Also in this release is an XPath 3.1 parser, currently only available
> via the xsl:evaluate instruction, but with its own JavaScript API coming
> soon...
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> Debbie Lockett
> Saxonica
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