Re: director's call outcome - republish as CR


so it is back to pre-CR? After the CR is before the CR?

Perhaps this is an opportunity to add some new minor function/syntax 
extensions to 3.1 ?

If there are no plans for 3.2 it is the last chance.

> So we'll republish on the 13th as CR.

If you work quick, you can put the extension in before the 13th!
Otherwise the syntax looks outdated before it is published :(


On 12/07/2016 06:10 PM, Liam R. E. Quin wrote:
> We had the transition call for moving XQuery 3.1, XPath 3.1, XQueryX
> 3.1 and supporting specs to Proposed Recommendation.
> Because of the subsantive changes since the previous CR, the decision
> was that we must republish the documents as candidate recommendations.
> This is because the W3C patent policy allows patent holders to declare
> that they have patents on the changes and to exclude them from the
> royalty-free policy (in which case we have to go back and reconsider,
> of course, what to do - I don't expect it to happen in this case!)
> The good news is that we have provisional approval to go forward to
> proposed recommendation in January, provided that there are no more
> substantive changes.
> So we'll republish on the 13th as CR.
> Liam

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