director's call outcome - republish as CR

We had the transition call for moving XQuery 3.1, XPath 3.1, XQueryX
3.1 and supporting specs to Proposed Recommendation.

Because of the subsantive changes since the previous CR, the decision
was that we must republish the documents as candidate recommendations.
This is because the W3C patent policy allows patent holders to declare
that they have patents on the changes and to exclude them from the
royalty-free policy (in which case we have to go back and reconsider,
of course, what to do - I don't expect it to happen in this case!)

The good news is that we have provisional approval to go forward to
proposed recommendation in January, provided that there are no more
substantive changes.

So we'll republish on the 13th as CR.


Received on Wednesday, 7 December 2016 17:11:06 UTC