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I'm no lawyer either, but I think the statement is pretty clear, and it is precisely because of the tension between what a "technical report" and a "technical specification" is.


Suppose you would device the next *specification* for direct current machines under 800V within certain surroundings. You want to enforce this, perhaps even so that any machine dealing with 800V input *must* follow your specification or it cannot be admitted to a certain market (say, European Union, for getting the CE stamp on your machine).


This statement below says that you *cannot* use XQuery etc to be (part of, or the whole of) such *technical specification*. In other words, you cannot borrow this *technical report* and use it as a *technical specification*. 


Apart from the legal problems (report vs spec) there's the issue of responsibility: this statement prevents that any of these TRs can be used in a document that has a stronger legal enforcement policy than the TRs themselves (but I admit, this is pretty vague in and of itself).


Just don't write your own specification with it, and you should be fine (though writing an *extension* specification, such as EXPath is totally allowed).


If you just use it to explain itself, I don't see any (legal) issues.





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I'm not a lawyer. I sympathise with the problem, because I often have to interpret such prose myself, but I couldn't possibly advise anyone else on how to interpret it. 


Michael Kay



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Hi Michael,

>, anyone may prepare and distribute derivative works and portions of this document in software, in supporting materials accompanying software, and in documentation of software, PROVIDED that all such works include the notice below. HOWEVER, the publication of derivative works of this document for use as a technical specification is expressly prohibited. 

I do not know what a technical specification is :(

Is it a list? Is it a long list?    
Is XQuery a _technical_ specification? It only mentions being a technical _report_.





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inspired by this I made a list for XPath 3.0, JSONiq and my implementation:

Without any content and just many links to the F&O it looks rather void of information.

Is one allowed to copy pieces of F&O (or the EXPath specs) in the list, so it can say what each function does? 



The license terms are here:


Document License <> 


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