Agenda: XML Schema Patterns for Databinding telcon 7 November 2006

agenda+ Meeting Administrivia

   - roll call
   - select scribe
   - approval of minutes:

   - agenda review

agenda+ Issues and Action Items

agenda+ ISSUE-2: test suite


    ACTION-52 - pauld to develop the echo test client
    ACTION-71 -	pauld to Publish logfile format
    ACTION-78 - yves to Build report from logs using XMLUnit
    ACTION-72 - yves to Write introduction to the Test suite text
                including a Disclaimer and how to deal with mistakes
    ACTION-67 - yves to Investigate IP and process about contribution
                of logs from third parties

agenda+ ISSUE-12: identifying a conformant schema


    ACTION-76 - yves to Investigate alternative approach to pattern detection

    status of patterns detection:

    ACTION-51 - pauld to Collect examples and patterns from the wild to process

                  *Remaining Issues for Basic Patterns Document*

  agenda+ ISSUE-88 - id attribute

agenda+ ISSUE-80 - Abstract Global ComplexType
agenda+ ISSUE-81 - Abstrace Global Element
agenda+ ISSUE-82 - Abstrace Global Element
agenda+ ISSUE-90 - Abstract Elements and Types

   we seem to have some duplication, here, my-bad, anyway, patterns:
agenda+ ISSUE-83 - finalDefault and blockDefault on xs:schema
agenda+ ISSUE-89 - final/blocked Complex Type
agenda+ ISSUE-88 - block/final attributes on global elements

   new issues from JonC, patterns?

agenda+ ISSUE-84 - Local Element ComplexType

   proposed for Advanced?

agenda+ ISSUE-57 xs:include pattern

    ACTION-83 - gcowe to Look at standalone schemas for ISSUE-57 etc

agenda+ ISSUE-73 - Do we allow DTDs, external entities, etc.

    ACTION-85 - pauld to Collect evidence where DTDs in XSDs are used in practise

    also support from toolkits for schema "legacy" types: xs:ENTITY, xs:ENTITIES,
    xs:NOTATION, xs:NOTAIONS, etc?

agenda+ ISSUE-74 - Relative URIs in targetNamespace schemaLocation

    progress from pauld? 

agenda+ ISSUE-10: Mapping Element and Type names

   ACTION-69 - pauld to Build several examples based upon
               existing document for ISSUE-10
   ACTION-87 - vladislav to report on naming convention supported by his toolkit

agenda+ Last Call of Basic Patterns?

   Editorial work outstanding?
   Status of "basic" patterns under test?
   Can we publish?

agenda+ Any Other Business

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