Agenda: XML Schema Patterns for Databinding telcon 12 December 2006

agenda+ Meeting Administrivia

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   - approval of minutes:

   - up and coming meetings
   - agenda review

agenda+ Issues and Action Items


ACTION-51 Paul to Ongoing collecting examples and patterns from the wild to process
ACTION-52 Paul to develop the echo test client 
ACTION-57 Yves to investigate viability of hosting interop event
ACTION-67 Yves to Investigate IP and process about contribution of logs from third parties
ACTION-69 Paul to Build several examples based upon existing document for ISSUE-10
ACTION-70 Paul to Explode concrete patterns for ISSUE-25 hash and map  
ACTION-71 Paul to Publish logfile format
ACTION-72 Yves to Write introduction to the Test suite text including a Disclaimer and
how to deal with mistakes
ACTION-76 Yves to Investigate alternative approach to pattern detection
ACTION-78 Yves to Build report from logs using XMLUnit
ACTION-82 Piscilla to Investigate use of anySimpleType 
ACTION-83 George to Look at standalone schemas for ISSUE-57 etc        
ACTION-85 Paul to Collect evidence where DTDs in XSDs are used in practise     
ACTION-86 Paul to Create a test case for DTD   
ACTION-87 Vladizlav to Report on naming convention supported by his toolkit
ACTION-88 George - need pattern and example for ISSUE-59 attributeGroup
ACTION-89 George to Investigate the patterns detector following import and include
ACTION-90 George to Develop W3C detection service with help from Yves  
ACTION-91 Yves to Add LC-Basic as a product on tracker 
ACTION-92 George to Look at fixing our include issues, ISSUE-98        
ACTION-93 Paul to Explode ISSUE-97     

agenda+ ISSUE-99: XSLT 2.0 terminology?

   Last Call comment from Florent Georges:

agenda+ ISSUE-2: test suite

   Problem from Vladislav:   

agenda+ ISSUE-12: identifying a conformant schema

   Progress from George/Yves on detection service?
   Progress from Paul on patterns detected in the wild?

ISSUE-62 Why would a pattern NOT be included in our Advanced document?

   Proposals to shape of our work on Advanced?

agenda+ Any Other Business

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