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Re: 5.1.1 Table of Algorithms in Encryption 1.1

From: <Frederick.Hirsch@nokia.com>
Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2011 13:32:12 +0000
To: <eb2m-mrt@asahi-net.or.jp>
CC: <public-xmlsec@w3.org>
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Thanks for the comment regarding base64 note in XML Encryption.

EncryptedType has an optional Encoding attribute. I believe the URI could be used here to specify the encoding used for the  CipherData. See the last paragraph of 3.1, http://www.w3.org/2008/xmlsec/Drafts/xmlenc-core-11/Overview.html#sec-EncryptedType

One might expect the encoding to appear as an optional attribute of CipherValue but I suspect this is an attempt to provide it for both CipherValue or CipherReference so that it is applicable to either.

At a minimum we probably should update the last paragraph of 3.1 to make Encoding a new paragraph and maybe also reference the Encoding attribute in the note.

Other suggestions or comment anyone?

I've entered this in the Last Call tracker as LC-2542, http://www.w3.org/2006/02/lc-comments-tracker/42458/WD-xmlenc-core1-20100513/2542

regards, Frederick

Frederick Hirsch

On Aug 15, 2011, at 9:02 AM, Hirsch Frederick (Nokia-CIC/Boston) wrote:

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>> Subject: 5.1.1 Table of Algorithms in Encryption 1.1
>> I do not understand the note:
>>  Note that the same URI is used to identify base64 both
>>  in "encoding" context (e.g. when needed within
>>  a CipherValue element) as well as in "transform" context
>> (when identifying a base64 transform)."
>> in XML Encryption 1.1.
>> The CipherValue element does not have the Algorithm attribute.
>> Why can the URI http://www.w3.org/2000/09/xmldsig#base64
>> be used for encoding?
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>> Makoto
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