Re: Namespace prefix declarations vs DTDs

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Bjoern Hoehrmann writes:

>   I would like the XML Conformance Test Suite to cover test cases such
> as these two documents.
>   <!DOCTYPE x [ <!ELEMENT x EMPTY> ]>
>   <x xmlns:xml=''/>
>   <!DOCTYPE x [ <!ELEMENT x EMPTY> ]>
>   <x xmlns:foo=''/>
> The reason for inclusion is that there is confusion as to whether the
> documents are valid. My own reading is that both documents are not
> valid. The libxml2 tool xmllint regards the first as valid but the
> second as invalid. The W3C Markup Validator accepts both as valid.

I agree with your judgement (as does rxp).  Getting them in the test
suite may take a while, see below.

> May I also enquire as to the status of previous submissions, e.g.

I believe the relevant spec. changes were made in subsequent
editions.  I haven't checked the status of the proposed tests.


Hmmm.  No discussion.  I'll see what I can do.

> Please let me know if there is anything I can do to ensure their
> timely inclusion.

The only member of the Core WG who regularly maintained the Test Suite
has taken a leave for personal reasons.  W3C staff time constraints
doesn't permit me to spend much time on the test suite, I'm sorry.

Net conclusion: what you can do to help, which would be _very_
welcome, is to join the XML Core WG and take over maintenance of the
Test Suite.

> As an aside, the errata of the first edition of Namespaces in XML
> got broken in September 2007 and has not been fixed since.

Hmm.  The reason for this is obscure == I can't immediately figure out
how to fix it.  I'll get back to you.

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