Namespace prefix declarations vs DTDs


  I would like the XML Conformance Test Suite to cover test cases such
as these two documents.

  <x xmlns:xml=''/>
  <x xmlns:foo=''/>

The reason for inclusion is that there is confusion as to whether the
documents are valid. My own reading is that both documents are not
valid. The libxml2 tool xmllint regards the first as valid but the
second as invalid. The W3C Markup Validator accepts both as valid.

May I also enquire as to the status of previous submissions, e.g.

They also exposed bugs in widely deployed implementations (which in
case of the Opera web browser have not been fixed since), but they do
not appear to be in the latest release. Please let me know if there
is anything I can do to ensure their timely inclusion.

As an aside, the errata of the first edition of Namespaces in XML
got broken in September 2007 and has not been fixed since.

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Received on Saturday, 16 May 2009 01:14:50 UTC