Re: xml:base attributes missing for eduni tests

On Tuesday 06 March 2007 22:39, Richard Tobin wrote:
> >For instance, xmlconf.xml contains &eduni-ns10;, which includes
> >eduni/namespaces/1.0/rmt-ns10.xml. That file contains file references, for
> >instance "001.xml", which doesn't exist in the top-level directory, where
> >xmlconf.xml resides.  To me it seems xml:base attributes are missing,
> > which
> the other subsets of the test suites use.
> Relative URIs are interpreted relative to the current base URI.  In
> the absence of xml:base attributes, the base URI an element is the URI
> of the external entity it appears in (see section 4.2 of
>, which in this case is
> eduni/namespaces/1.0/rmt-ns10.xml.

Thank you for reading the spec for me.

> So no xml:base attribute is needed.
> On the other hand, there are xml:base attributes on the TESTCASES
> elements for the other tests, and these have been added to the eduni
> ones since the zip file was made.  Presumably this is because some
> buggy implementations don't interpret base URIs correctly in external
> entities.  I'll raise it at the next XML Core WG telcon.


The reason I ran into it was that I was using code that didn't have support 
for xml:base, which forced me to manually implement with xml:base attributes, 
without knowledge of external entities.

Btw, have the issues that Björn raised, been resolved?



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