Re: xml:base attributes missing for eduni tests

>For instance, xmlconf.xml contains &eduni-ns10;, which includes 
>eduni/namespaces/1.0/rmt-ns10.xml. That file contains file references, for 
>instance "001.xml", which doesn't exist in the top-level directory, where 
>xmlconf.xml resides.  To me it seems xml:base attributes are missing, which 
the other subsets of the test suites use.

Relative URIs are interpreted relative to the current base URI.  In
the absence of xml:base attributes, the base URI an element is the URI
of the external entity it appears in (see section 4.2 of, which in this case is

So no xml:base attribute is needed.

On the other hand, there are xml:base attributes on the TESTCASES
elements for the other tests, and these have been added to the eduni
ones since the zip file was made.  Presumably this is because some
buggy implementations don't interpret base URIs correctly in external
entities.  I'll raise it at the next XML Core WG telcon.

-- Richard

Received on Tuesday, 6 March 2007 21:40:16 UTC