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[Bug 15629] Two <expected> in test particlesZ031

[Bug 15865] anyURI_a001_1336 should be valid for schema 1.1

[Bug 15869] NMTOKENS_minLength001_1464 should be invalid

[Bug 15926] mgO001 (minOccurs=maxOccurs=0) valid for XSD1.1?

[Bug 16180] New: should schZ014_a be valid?

[Bug 16181] New: should schZ014_b be valid?

[Bug 16182] New: wildC035 and wildC036 valid for XSD 1.1?

[Bug 16182] wildC035 and wildC036 valid for XSD 1.1?

[Bug 16568] New: SType.testSet invalid

[Bug 16568] SType.testSet invalid

[Bug 16569] errE006 should be valid

[Bug 16569] New: errE006 should be valid

[Bug 16579] New: subsgroup003: files missing

[Bug 16579] subsgroup003: files missing

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