[Bug 16182] wildC035 and wildC036 valid for XSD 1.1?


--- Comment #1 from Andreas Meissl <am_spamfaenger@gmx.at> 2012-03-02 07:07:15 UTC ---
There are similar problems with the test cases wildC049-53. In each of these
cases one of the special values ##any and ##other is combined with one of the
special values ##targetNamespace, ##local or ##other. 
In XSD 1.0 these cases were invalid because all of these special values were
invalid anyURIs. In XSD 1.1 all these values are valid anyURIs, and so these
test cases get valid via list of anyURI.
Maybe this is not a testsuite bug but more a specification bug. A solution
would be to add some schema representation constraint which prohibits the use
of URIs starting with ## in the namespace attribute of wildcards. 
Another solution would be to change the S4S to use a restriction of anyURI
which prohibits values starting with ## in basicNamespaceList.

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