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[Bug 16161] disallowedSubst00503m3,4,5 should be invalid for XSD 1.1

[Bug 16180] should schZ014_a be valid?

[Bug 16181] should schZ014_b be valid?

[Bug 18499] should 'over029.v01.xml' be valid?

[Bug 18507] should 'particlesZ033_g' be valid in 1.1?

[Bug 18636] expected result of test 'wild074.xsd' should be invalid

[Bug 18639] expected result of "absolute-URI-3986-invalid-*" should be invalid

[Bug 18640] test 's3_4_2_4si03s' of set 'defaultAttributesApply' valid?

[Bug 18641] should 'wild062.n3.xml' be valid?

[Bug 18643] should 'annotF001' be valid?

[Bug 18856] Should 'particlesK006' be valid for XSD 1.1?

[Bug 4146] MS Element tests: elemZ026

[Bug 4147] MS Particles tests: particlesV020

[Bug 4148] SUN tests: dependency on float/double formatting

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