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[Bug 13935] New: xsd 1.1 assertions testing comment nodes (Sunday, 28 August)

[Bug 13922] New: Hyphens in regex (Friday, 26 August)

[Bug 13455] XPath subset causes problem (Friday, 26 August)

[Bug 13919] New: CTA tests exceeds required XPath subset (Friday, 26 August)

[Bug 13906] New: Is test vc092 meant to be for 1.0 only? (Thursday, 25 August)

[Bug 13905] New: Missing xsd file for test group cta0043 (Thursday, 25 August)

[Bug 13897] New: some xlink:hrefs don't resolve on case-sensitive file systems (Thursday, 25 August)

[Bug 13458] xs:override -- defaultOpenContent from original document should be used (Wednesday, 24 August)

[Bug 13890] New: Assertion xpaths starting with '//' should return empty sequence (Wednesday, 24 August)

[Bug 13889] New: Handling of open contents in complex type extension (Wednesday, 24 August)

[Bug 13876] New: Substitution group and type table (Tuesday, 23 August)

[Bug 13760] New: Handling of open contents in complex type extension (Thursday, 11 August)

[Bug 13670] New: reK88 - unrecognized block name (Thursday, 4 August)

[Bug 13609] New: Zone.testSet not valid (Wednesday, 3 August)

[Bug 13607] New: some regex tests depend on the unicode version used (Wednesday, 3 August)

[Bug 13606] New: reZ006i.i '\c' and different NameChar productions (Wednesday, 3 August)

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