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On 7 Jun 2010, at 09:04 , Henry S. Thompson wrote:

> Michael Kay writes:
>> I suspect you are right, the test files are present in CVS only in
>> zipped form.
> That's partly correct.
>> I can't see any good reason for this.
> The SysTeam requested that we not put 10000 small files into CVS.

I wonder if (a new server made available specifically
for test suites) would be a more hospitable location for our work.

>> If others agree, I'm quite happy
>> to commit the data files to CVS so that we can work on them
>> collectively in the future.
> The intended usage pattern is
> a) download the latest release in ...tar.gz form;
> b) unpack into location B;
> c) checkout the CVS tree from into location A;
> d) move everything from the tree at B which is not already under A
>   into the parallel place in A to where it is in B;
> e) Whenever you or anyone else adds/changes anything in the tree,
>   whether metadata or test files, check in the changes and/or update
>   to get others' changes.

This reader of the test suite description page believes the
page would be clearer if some explanation (like the preceding) of
the expected usage pattern were in the prose in that page.  This
pattern of work with CVS does not seem so very common that it
goes without saying.  I spent an hour or so trying other
interpretations which seemed more plausible (or, to be honest,
less wildly implausible) before concluding that the intention
might be something like what is described. (I am grateful for
the confirmation, by the way.)

It seems unlikely that every potential collaborator for work on
the test suite (or even every WG member) will persevere for so long;
explaining the expected usage pattern more clearly is one easy way
for us to reduce the threshold cost of working on the test suite.

> If you do that today, you will get a modest handful of changed
> test files, and a lot of metadata file changes.
> Note that most resolutions of issues against the Test Suite to date
> have not/will not result in changes to test files, only to metadata.

* C. M. Sperberg-McQueen, Black Mesa Technologies LLC

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