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Michael Kay writes:

> I suspect you are right, the test files are present in CVS only in
> zipped form.

That's partly correct.

> I can't see any good reason for this.

The SysTeam requested that we not put 10000 small files into CVS.

> If others agree, I'm quite happy
> to commit the data files to CVS so that we can work on them
> collectively in the future.

The intended usage pattern is

a) download the latest release in ...tar.gz form;
b) unpack into location B;
c) checkout the CVS tree from into location A;
d) move everything from the tree at B which is not already under A
   into the parallel place in A to where it is in B;
e) Whenever you or anyone else adds/changes anything in the tree,
   whether metadata or test files, check in the changes and/or update
   to get others' changes.

If you do that today, you will get a modest handful of changed
test files, and a lot of metadata file changes.

Note that most resolutions of issues against the Test Suite to date
have not/will not result in changes to test files, only to metadata.

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