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[Bug 10100] addB145

[Bug 10100] New: addB145

[Bug 10111] New: stE072 invalid - ID as outermost element

[Bug 10111] stE072 invalid - ID as outermost element

[Bug 10121] New: WG-submitted substitution-group tests

[Bug 4064] stZ041 - simpleType with final=extension

[Bug 4076] addB049: key with wider scope than keyref

[Bug 4078] addB156 - schemaLocation after first use of namespace

[Bug 4115] RegexTest_65

[Bug 4124] MS additional tests: inline schema

[Bug 4125] MS dataTypes base64Binary

[Bug 4126] MS dataTypes anyURI_a004

[Bug 4131] Microsoft "schema" test set, schAn

[Bug 4132] Microsoft "schema" test set, schD8

[Bug 4136] Microsoft "schema" test set, schU3 (duplicate definitions)

[Bug 4137] Microsoft "schema" test set, schZ012_a

[Bug 4140] MS ModelGroups test mgO013

[Bug 4143] Microsoft Particles test particlesIg003

[Bug 4144] Microsoft Particles test particlesIg004

[Bug 4146] MS Element tests: elemZ026

[Bug 4147] MS Particles tests: particlesV020

[Bug 4148] SUN tests: dependency on float/double formatting

[Bug 4228] Additional Tests: Unresolved reference to attribute

[Bug 4229] Schema: Importing with empty schemaLocation

[Bug 4948] Particles: Ob003

[Bug 6247] addB194 contains invalid URI

[Bug 6446] wrong result for IDREFS_length006_395 and NMTOKENS_length006_438

Complex content derived from simple content - test case particlesZ031

testSet version="x"

Versions and optional features

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