Versions and optional features

The markup of version dependencies in the test suite is working well 
according to the rules in the new schema.

In the Saxonica tests there is a test set VC which is designed to test 
the use of vc:minVersion, vc:maxVersion etc attributes. Some of these 
tests are appropriate for running using either (a) an XSD 1.1 processor, 
or (b) an XSD 1.0 processor together with a VC preprocessor. In some 
cases the results are the same for these two scenarios, in other cases 
they are different.

I'm inclined now to develop MSpMcQ's suggestion (or my interpretation of 
it), of having named scenarios, and using these in the version attribute 
in the same way as we use simple version numbers 1.0 and 1.1. So 
"1.0+VC" becomes a named scenario, and we describe tests or expected 
results applicable to this scenario as version="1.0+VC". And we should 
define these scenarios within the metadata itself (perhaps at testSuite 
level): something like:

<scenario name="1.0+VC">
<feature name="xsd-version" value="1.0"/>
<feature name="vc-preprocessing" value="true"/>

(Of course, since the test suite is fairly stable, someone writing a 
test driver could choose to hard-code the definitions of the scenarios 
in their test driver rather than intepreting this data, but that's their 

Does that make sense as a direction?

Michael Kay

Received on Thursday, 8 July 2010 11:53:05 UTC