ACTION: A-262-01 Jim to attempt to describe these use cases - list non-xml use cases

In doing my action, I (re)discovered that Vojtech had already done a
good list for prep of his XML Prague talk in 2012 and I assume this
email was done in prep;

I think we can plumb this email as source of non-xml use cases.

I also tracked down previous efforts;

* read csv and convert to xml

* read non xml document

* p:http-request step returns an entity body with content type "image/jpeg

If no one disagrees, I believe the next step is to add a use cases
section to our existing v2 requirements doc with these use cases, eg.

We did the same thing, albeit retroactively, to the xproc  v1 requirements doc.

I will also ask the community to provide their take on non-xml use cases.


Received on Wednesday, 28 January 2015 11:16:20 UTC