Re: Split spec

Looking at the standard step library, it occurs to me that the
language "required" and "optional" feels a bit too constraining.  We
might consider defining steps as a module:

   * each set of steps would belong to a named module
   * each module would have a URI
   * there would be a required module (or set of modules) that a
pipeline implementor must support to be considered conform ant.

This would also give us the option of compartmentalizing certain XML
micro operations vs larger operations (e.g. XSLT/XQuery) that wouldn't
be relevant for a processor that did other content types.

On Mon, Nov 10, 2014 at 8:23 AM, Norman Walsh <> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> It was way more difficult than you'd think it ought to have been, but
> I have divided the XProc specification into two separate documents.
> The language spec:
> And the standard step library:
> I took the liberty of integrating p:template and p:in-scope-namespaces
> into the standard library. (This makes the namespace document more
> complete, if nothing else.)
> In an effort to do the minimum necessary to the prose, I've arranged
> things so that cross document links work just like the used to.
> Visually, I added a little superscript annotation to the
> cross-document links. It could probably do with being made more subtle
> if we like it.
> Yes, the Introduction to the standard step library is just an
> ellipsis. :-)
> If we like the divided spec, we're going to want to think about the
> editorial issues a little but along the way. Should, for example, some
> of the glossary terms be repeated in each spec instead of
> cross-referenced.
> Comments, please.
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>                                           norm
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