Re: p:template question/issue - attributes in text content

On Sat, Jun 1, 2013 at 3:36 AM, James Fuller <> wrote:

> The p:template note states at the end of 1. Introduction
> 'Where the expressions occur in attribute values, their string value
> is used. Where they appear in text content, their node values are
> used.'
> though as this is a Note we can just change the document, but don't
> you think this sentence is enough ?

Well, I'm not sure.  "Node value" isn't really an official term.  So, what
is the "node value" of a attribute node that can't be copied into the
children of an element?  It is also a confusing term to using as we usually
mean a "copy of the node" and, yet, we can't copy the attribute node into a

"node value" also means "attribute value" in the context of the DOM.

"node value" has no meaning in the context of the XDM.

> You can still do string(/element/@someattr) to achieve what  you want.
Yes, of course, that's what I had to do.

I put this in the category of "expected behavior."

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